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Gyro Built Map Navigation Solution GPM3207

Author: Administrator  Clicks: 258   Time: 2019-01-26


The GPM3207 inertial navigation path planning solution has adopted the Umouse dedicated CPU USR3207T and the Korean gyro module to plan the back-and-forth path. The sweep coverage is at the top level in the same type of machine in the industry.

The solution supports suction and brush exchange, electronically controlled water discharge, multi-level water volume adjustment, App remote control, real-time map transmission, 6 appointments, water tank dust box identification, virtual wall and other functions, mainly used for high-end sweepers.

Technical SolutionsAdvantagesTechnical SupportResolved Issues
Umouse Gyroscope planning programHigh coverage rate up to 98.13%Gyropath path planning technology, UMOUSE core algorithmimprove cleaning efficiency and increase the sweeping coverage rate
Efficient recharge up to 98%Infrared sensing technology and automatic recharging technology


intelligent upgrade, more and more smart

APP online firmware upgradeAPP smart technology
Real-time map transfer
Remote control, 6 appointments and automatic cleaning
Safe and stable electrical performance

Overcurrent, overvoltage, surge protection and electromotive isolation

EMC protection, reverse power protection and anti-static protection

Product safety
Quality assurance, high reliability, waterproof, fireproof, flame retardant, and environmentally friendly

Full patch component, rubber three anti-paint and socket over glow wire test

Fireproof board, flame retardant grade FV0 and pass the RoHS environmental protection standard

Product quality