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Anti-stuck Free Move Technology

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Free move is a revolutionary patented technology independently developed by Umouse. It solves a common problem and also the biggest problem among the current robot vacuum cleaners. That is, the robot vacuum cleaners easily get stuck  and cannot clean smoothly. In this case, the robot can't be fully automatic and it still needs someone to save it to complete the cleaning operation.

Discarding the traditional way to detect the obstacles from the in front mechanical beam, and free move use the electronic induction technology to make the whole body of the robot to detect the obstacles. Through the big data analysis to judge the robot movement and prevents it from being stuck under the furniture, the robot’s wheel hanging or slipping, entering the balcony and other low-lying places can not return and so on.

In addition, the free move technology greatly optimizes the structural components of the robot vacuum cleaner, making the internal structure simpler, reducing the design threshold of the sweeper structure, reducing the production line assembly station and increasing the production capacity. Besides it reduces the product defect rate caused by the assembly complexity, improves the product quality stability and solves spring deformation and can not be reset and broken issue caused by long time using of the spring structure adopted by the mechanical switch type.

Technical SolutionsAdvantagesTechnical SupportResolved Issues
Umouse Free Move Program

1. Subvert the industry's full body attitude detection to solve the pain points of the robot gets stuck easily. 

2. Intelligent mopping mode, automatically identify carpets, floor mats, etc. to avoid soiling these items and stranding trapping sweepers

3. Integrated structure, reduce assembly process and improve production efficiency

Original patent technology for electronic collision detection

Body attitude detection algorithm

Solve the problems of various types of Sweepers stuck in the trap

1. The wheel is suspended (grounded)

2. Mistakenly enter the low-lying area (can not return)

3. The top is stuck (get stuck under the furniture)

4. Tangling stuck (wire tangle)

5. Getting stuck when mopping (mistaken into the blanket area) and cause damage to the robot or the furniture. And the robot fail to clean.

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